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Ningbo: The Pride of China

Ningbo contains rich historical and cultural connotations and exudes strong modern civilization.
From ancient times to the present, Ningbo people are known to be hardworking, and pragmatic. They have left behind many valuable and important assets, created this picturesque land, and created eye-catching miracles.
Carrying forward the Ningbo spirit of “integrity, pragmatism, openness, and innovation”, further enhances the city’s reputation at home and abroad, and inspire contemporary people’s sense of pride and responsibility.
Ningbo people promote the harmonious development of urban economy and society. Ningbo Post Office specially issued this stamp album of the “Top of China in Ningbo” series.

Port of Ningbo - An Engineering Marvel

The Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan complex has the largest bulk cargo terminal in China. It boosts a modern multi-purpose deep water port consisting of a total of 191 berths including 39 deep water berths with 10,000 and more tonnage.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Hangzhou Bay Bridge starts from Cixi of Ningbo in the South and ends on Haiyan of Jiaxing in the North, with a total length of 36 kilometers. After completion, it will be the longest cross-sea bridge in the world.

China's First Steamship - Paoushun

In 1854, Fei Lunzhi, Li Bianting, and Sheng Zhiguan of Ningbo, through Yang Fang, a comprador of Shanghai Yihe Foreign Company raised 70,000 yuan and purchased a steamship named Paoushun, China’s first ever steamship.

Hangyong (Hangzhou - Ningbo) Expressway

Hangyong (Hangzhou – Ningbo) Expressway was fully operational in December 1996, with a length of 145 kilometers, witha cost of 3.8 billion RMB.  It is the first expressway to be built in a coastal river network belt.

The First Ever Made in China Western Style Suit

In 1904, Wang Ruimo, a tailor of Ningbo Hongbang, spent three days and nights to make the first Western-style suit in China.

The First Sun Yat Sen's Suit in China

In 1911, a tailor from Ningbo,  Hongbang made the first Sun Yat Sen’s suit in China for Mr Sun Yat Sen.

The First Costume Museum in China

On October 13, 1998, the first costume museum in China – Ningbo Costume Museum was open to the public.  With a great number of originals and pictures on display, the museum showcases the costume evolution of over 7000 years in China.

The First Bulb Made in China

In 1921, Hu Xiyuan from Ningbo, manufactured China’s first incandescent lamp.   In 1923, he established China’s first bulb factory in Shanghai.

The Largest Lighter Manufacturing Enterprise in China

Ningbo Xinhai Electric Co. Ltd is the biggest lighter manufacturing enterprise in China.  It has been ranked number one for 5 consecutive years among China’s lighter export industry and is the first enterprise in China to have taken part in the drafting of the International Lighter Standards.

The Earliest Cloth Twinning Enterprise in China

Sanyou Industrial Corporation, the earliest cloth twining enterprise in China, originated in Shanghai by Chen Wanyun from Ningbo. “Triangle” brand towels manufactured by the corporation were famous both at home and abroad.

The First Toothpaste in China - 'Three Stars' Brand Toothpaste

In 1922, China Chemical Industry Corporation, created by Fang Yexian, the famous patriotic entrepreneur from Ningbo, produced China’s first toothpaste – “Three Stars” brand toothpaste.  The corporation was also the first cosmetic factory in China.

The First 35mm Electric Kinetophonograph in China

China’s first 35 mm electric kinetophonograph was made by Zheng Chonglan from Ningbo.

Hemudu Ancient Cultural Ruins

Hemudu ruins, located near Hemudu village, Yuyao, about 20 km away from the urban area of Ningbo, is one of the earliest ancient cultural ruins of Neolithic Age found in China. Earliest wooden slippers in the world were found here.

The First Unmanned Beacon in China

On December 16, 1996, the first unmanned beacon in China-Ningbo Banyang Reef unmanned beacon started to operate in Zhenhai Beacon Zone.

The Earliest Private Library in China - Tianyi Pavilion Library

The earliest private library in China – Tianyi Pavilion Library, was built by Fan Qin, the Defence Minister of Ming Dynasty from Ningbo.  The library originally kept over 70,000 books and now boasts over 300,000, which are characteristic of the local chronicles and records of imperial examinations, over 80,000 of them are highly valuable or rare books.

The First Registered Trademark of Exhibition Mascot China - Xiao Bolang

In 2004, Xiao Bolang, exhibition mascot of China International Consumer Goods Fair in Ningbo, became the first registered trademark of exhibition mascot in China after approval by Trademark Bureau of State Administration for industry and Commerce.

The Birth of Postage Industry in China

Ningbo businessmen initiated the first civilian postage industry – “Xinke” in China during Yongle period, Ming dynasty.

'Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai' Culture Park

Yinzhou of Ningbo is regarded as the site of butterflies-becoming from the death for love in tale of “Liang Shanbao and Zhu Yintai”, and is the place where Liang Shanbao served as a county sheriff, according to history records.  Here lies the only temple for Liang Shanbao, and the custom of sacrificing for Liang Shanbao and Zhu Yintai has been going on.  The unique love topic park in China – “Liang Shanbao and Zhu Yintai” Culture Park is also here.

Shanglin Lake Yueyao Relic Site

The Yueyao Ruins at Shanglin Lake in Cixi is one of China’s famous celadon and has been included in the National Key Cultural Relics Protection List.

Most Number of Academics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering

Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering have chosen over 1500 academics through a public appraisal, among them, 86 are from Ningbo, which boosts the highest number of academics among all the other cities in China

First Filmmaking Company in China

The first filmmaking company in China – the Huanxian Studio was originated by Zhang Shichuan from Ningbo.  And he directed China’s first short feature film “The Difficult Couple”, first laser film “The Songstress, Red peony”, and the first long feature film “Orphan Rescues His Grandfather”, etc. in China.

First China and Foreign Country Collaboration University

The University of Nottingham, Ningbo, is the first China and foreign country collaboration university, having independent legal person qualification and campus in China.

First Commissioner of IOC from China - Wang ZhengTing

In 1922, Wang Zhengting from Ningbo, was elected as a lifelong commissioner of the International Olympic Committee.  He is the first commissioner of IOC from China.

Sun Chuanzhe - The first China Stamp Designer

Sun Chuanzhe from Ningbo, designed China’s first set of commemoration stamps: “State founding commemoration”.  He also designed New China’s first set of special stamps, first set of common stamps, first set of aviation stamps, and first set of postal stamps.  He was the only specially-invited stamp designer by UN from China.

Ding Lei - Creator of China's Many Internet Breakthrough Successes

In May 1997, Ding Lei, from Ningbo, originated Netease.  In two years, Netease created many firsts for internet in China: The first Chinese search engine, the first free Chinese personal blog, the first free Chinese electronic greeting card website, the first China virtual community forum, the first Chinese on-line auction website. Ding Lei once ranked top on the magnates’ list in China on Forbes magazine.

The Pioneer in Limb Restoration Surgery

In 1963, Chen Zhongwei from Ningbo succeeded as the first person to restore an amputated hand in the world.  In 1978, he again succeeded in restoring an amputated finger.  Altogether, he originated 6 new technologies relating to limb surgical amputation and was conferred the title of ‘Father of Limb Restoration’ in 1978.

First Women's High School in China - Ningbo Yongjiang Women's High School

The first women’s high school in China was Ningbo Yongjiang Women’s High School, whose former was Ningbo Women’s Private School; and the name was changed in spring of 1923.

First Woman Student Abroad From China - Jin Yamei

The first woman student abroad from China from Affiliated Women’s Medical College of New York Hospital.

The King of Trees

Maohuo village, in Zhangshui town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, can be regarded as the “Old trees village”.  At the entrance of the village, standing a golden larch which can be called “King of trees”.  The tree is 500 years of age, with 51 m in height, 4.2 m in circumference and 29.70 m in cumulation, the circumference and cumulation being the greatest of its kind in China.

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